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IBMT Diploma Programme

The IBMT Diploma Programme is being offered in the UK from September 2018 to June 2021. Entry into the programme is possible in September 2019. The programme consists of five modules running over three years, giving a thorough grounding in somatic movement practice that is rooted in the principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. The course was founded by Linda in 1990 and is now taught by an international faculty.

Graduates of the Diploma can apply to ISMETA for registration as a Somatic Movement Therapist and/or Educator:

Please see the website or enquire at

You can also find the contact details for the programmes in Lithuania and Russia by clicking on IBMT Diploma Programme


I offer occasional workshops and retreats for personal and professional development, including the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Embodiment of Spirit -- an embryological journey, and a series of workshops for women: Woman, Body, Earth and Spirit

The following are my currently scheduled workshops and retreats. Those that have already occurred and may be re-scheduled in future are listed below the line.

For booking and further information about my workshops and retreats please contact

Woman, Body, Earth and Spirit

A series of workshops for women exploring the nature of the ‘deep feminine’ through authentic movement, creative bodywork, and myths and stories which speak to women’s healing journey.

LA LOBA – Wolf Woman, Bone Woman  

This workshop explores the relationship between bone and the story of La Loba. La Loba invites us to enter into the process of loss, psychological death and renewal of spirit through inner reflection, embodiment, movement and song. We will explore themes such as: the bone-seed – the indestructible core of spirit and its embodiment within us; our bones as store of ancient wisdom and ancestral memory; gathering the lost parts of the self; the journey of death, transformation and rebirth.  

Dates: June 14-16, 2019
Cost: £255 – includes lunches (deposit £80) 
Venue: Swanton Novers Village Hall, North Norfolk (
Final booking date: May 17, 2019
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Summer Retreats 2019 

Introduction to the Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat (Year 3) 

This retreat is open to those who have studied and practised Authentic Movement for at least one year.

In this contemplative and transformative practice, we awaken the wisdom of the body as the relationship between movers and witnesses is explored. Creating a safe space in which unconscious material can arise and be integrated, both mover and witness learn to become present to their embodied experience so that clarity within their relationship to self and other grows.

This is the continuation of a retreat group that was first offered in 2017; new members who have at least a year’s experience of Authentic Movement are welcome to apply for any available spaces. Continuing to deepen into the moving and moving witness practice, this year we will also focus on the art of witnessing another as speaking witness, practising conscious speaking of our experience of movement, sensation, emotion and image as both mover and witness.

The retreat is non-residential but it is possible to camp at the venue, or sleep in the studio.  

If you have not worked with me before, please apply with details of previous relevant experience, and the name of your primary Authentic Movement teacher. 

Dates: August 21-25, 2019
Cost: £385 – includes lunches (deposit £100) 
Venue: Swanton Novers Village Hall, North Norfolk (
Final booking date: July 10, 2019
Application, booking and info:  

Authentic Movement Residential Summer Retreat 

This retreat is primarily for those who have studied Authentic Movement with me. Students of other teachers of Authentic Movement may also apply for any available spaces

This year we will return to Dyad practice to allow for a deepening of your own movement process and refining of witnessing skills. We will also continue to explore forms that enable the experience and exploration of the Collective Body, particularly the Long Circle. The relationship between movement and language in both speaking and writing will be an integral part of this exploration. 

Dates: August 30-September 4, 2019 
£385 plus accommodation costs (deposit £150)
North Farm, North Norfolk (
Final booking date: July 4, 2019  
Application, booking and info:

Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence (Part 2)

The course will be open to those who have taken Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence (Part 1), or at least two retreats with me. It will next run from October 2019-June 2020.

The intention of this continuation course will be to further your study and practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, including dyad and triad practice to deepen personal movement process and support the development of the internal witness. We will also explore the developing roles of the external witness as silent witness, moving witness, speaking witness and integral witness. 

Structures to support the evolving consciousness of the Collective Body will be practised, and there will be time to discuss theory and your own evolving questions about your Authentic Movement practice. At each weekend a particular theoretical topic will be introduced, such as application to therapeutic practice, development of the senses of self, and Authentic Movement and spiritual practice.

The course is non-residential but it is possible to sleep in the hall or camp in the grounds for a minimal cost, or rent accommodation in the local area.

If you are not currently taking Part 1 of this course, please apply with details of your previous Authentic Movement experience.

Dates: October 11-13, 2019; February 14-16, June 5-7, 2020 
Cost: £720 (740 for payment plan) – includes lunches (deposit £200)  
Venue: Swanton Novers Village Hall, North Norfolk (
Final booking date: August 30, 2019 
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Woman, Body, Earth and Spirit

A series of workshops for women exploring the nature of the ‘deep feminine’ through authentic movement, creative bodywork, and myths and stories which speak to women’s healing journey.

Inanna Ereshkigal 

One of a series of workshops for women exploring the nature of the ‘deep feminine' through authentic movement, creative bodywork, and myths and stories which speak to women’s healing journey. Jung believed that myths and archetypes have their source in the organic processes of the body; in these workshops we explore our personal embodiment of these ancient stories. 

The story of Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth, speaks to the process of feminine initiation through descent to the underworld. The myth offers a map for this most difficult of journeys which we as women may be called to make in our quest to become whole.  

This workshop will explore the function of the witness as "priestess of the Self"; meeting our "dark sister" in the underworld of the psyche; cycles of creativity, descent and return; and the balancing of inner and outer worlds through the autonomic nervous system, which mediates these processes.      

The Embodiment of Spirit – An Embryological Journey

During the first few weeks of life the embryo undergoes the most extraordinary process of development. Nothing that we will later be or do has not already been experienced, in emerging and embryonic form, during this time.   

This workshop will address some key moments, from conception through the first few weeks of embryological life, drawing upon principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, and Somatic Psychology. Through movement and body meditations we will explore the embodiment of cells, membranes, tissues and fluids, engaging with the unfolding of form through which the embryonic sense of self begins to emerge.   

In the exquisite details of embryonic shape-shifting, we see how one of the first tasks of life is to secure protection and nourishment – a container within which to grow. As we embody this dance of forming both our self and our container, we might discover something of the roots of our attachment, or relational patterns.   

Asking what embodiment means to us as human beings, we will consider how the human embryo embodies spirit. The embryo teaches us that all growth involves the integration of polarities, and the particular journey that the human embryo moves through invites a unique integration of matter and spirit.

 As we embody our embryonic origins, we may return to places of wholeness, prior to later disruptions of self. This workshop will support connection to experiences of nourishment and resource within our early development. 

Discipline of Authentic Movement Retreat 

This non-residential small group retreat is oriented towards Learners in Circles of Four, and other experienced practitioners of Authentic Movement who have an interest in exploring the Discipline as embodied spiritual practice, as well as a practice for personal healing. We will work with the Ritual Practice, a form developed by Janet Adler, which supports deepened connection to self, to other and to spirit; and the practice of silence, to deepen into personal process and support conscious speaking.

Dates will be announced soon. If you are interested in joining this, or another similar retreat in future, please enquire with an introductory letter, including information about yourself and any relevant experience. Please also send a reference from your primary Authentic Movement teacher. It is expected that applicants will have been studying and regularly practising Authentic Movement for at least five years. 

 Please send your introductory letter and referral letter to

Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence  (Part 1)

This four-weekend course forms Module 2 of the IBMT Diploma Programme, and can also be taken on its own by those wishing to explore the foundations of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. The cultivation of conscious embodied presence, and the development of the inner witness are central to this practice. For information please click here